Parallel Developments: a new book from BIOCOMM PRESS by BR Teicher!

Earth Science author BR Teicher has published his first book in the Earth Science Series through BIOCOMM PRESS! Initially available in e-Book format via AMAZON (Parallel Developments: A Geophysical / Paleontological Timeline from Big Bang to 3000BC), the paperback version is in the proofing process and will be available in October!

Aimed at scientists, journalists and writers, PARALLEL DEVELOPMENTS is a unique reference of Earth’s history covering the period from the Big Bang to 3000BC, allowing the cross-reference of activities at any specific time period – giving us quick answers to the questions such as: “what was the status of human development in Europe at the time the glaciers were retreating during the last Ice Age?

Click on the image below for a “Look Inside” preview at AMAZON:


Have you ever wondered which came first: the chicken or the egg? It was actually the egg, because this was developed hundreds of millions of years before the bird was ‘invented’ by nature.

There are many excellent books available on the development of specific plants and animals, for instance, but this book traces the simultaneous appearances of continents, atmospheres, mountains, oceans and the various life forms, from the earliest bacteria and fungi, plants and animals and humans. A large amount of data has been assembled, referenced to their sources, and sorted in their correct sequence. This forms the two sections of the Integrated Timeline.

The same data has been reorganized into three groups of Specialized Subjects:
– Cosmic/Earth, with separate Cosmic, Geological and Ecological listings
– Paleo-Biology, with separate Botanical and Zoological listings
– Anthropology, with five listings covering the pre-history of the early humans

All this covers the period from the Big Bang 13 700 million years ago to 3000BC. Generally speaking, the subjects covered are the pre-historic times, since from about 5000 years ago history can be said to have started.

Some of the recorded data is contradictory, which is not surprising, given the difficulties for the experts to decipher the universe’s and the planet’s natural history. Such information I have left unaltered.” – BR TEICHER.


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