Excerpt from “For All It Was Worth”… and the discovery of a long-lost painting!!

“My grandfather, vintage of 1871, was a Dekorations-Malermeister, a master house painter, and with this in Germany important qualification, and as he had his own business, he belonged to the established middle classes. He was spared the losses associated with the 1923 hyperinflation because he had no bank or savings accounts to speak of. At this stage my own family was in the lucky position to own also practically nothing, so they had nothing to lose.

He was, however, not only a house painter, but he also had studied painting at the famous Dresden Art Academy and painted some beautiful oil paintings. A few I have salvaged over all these years. Often I looked at them, reminiscing about the times with my grandparents, and the memories of Dresden as it was then, before the 1945 fire storm and virtually total destruction of the city.”

In 2016, an oil painting my grandfather had painted of the ‘Frauenkirche in Dresden’ and which was the pride and joy of our sitting room – and for which he became quite famous in Dresden – was discovered by my son for sale at a Dresden Art and Antiques dealer.


“As a youngster he was apprenticed to Walter Kolbe – later to become a famous sculptor – before he studied Painting in Dresden. This, apparently, did not work out and eventually he became a house painter by profession, and a very successful one.”

Update: we contacted Joachim Noack and – fortunately – the painting had not been sold! Another example of the power of the internet!


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