Part 4: The Settlers

The arrival of man and human settlement of the farthest edge of the Weichsel Glacier: the Agger Isthmus.


Photo 14-05-16 21 45 11.jpg

4800-year old Danish neolithic axe head, now with a presentation oak handle for exhibition, thanks to Niels Ole Rønberg, his lathe and an old chair leg. The protagonist in Part 4: The Settlers ( introduces the “modern” ground axe to West Jutland, and I wanted to be able to describe the heft and feel of a genuine axe. Notice the wear on the striking surface of the cutting edge, indicating that this head has been extensively used. It was a strange feeling, standing here on a Friday evening in 2016, making a handle for a slightly worn but perfectly serviceable axe head which had been created nearly 5000 years ago…